Tips and Tricks on How to Avoid Reaching Your Breaking-Point When Teaching!

Being a teacher/mother sometimes I often find myself playing the "mommy" roll to all of my scholars because at the end of the day all 24 scholars in my classroom are my kids (this is not debatable) they were just birthed by someone else. I teach as if I'm teaching my own children. As a teacher and mom there are times when I just want to give up or just forget what I was doing and move on, we often question ourselves as educators/parents like why or how are you not understanding? But when you take a step back and figure out another way to deliver the same information differently wa-la magic!. Here are 5 tips to help before you get to that breaking point-


  1. Set rules and expectations-BE CLEAR with what you want to get out of the lesson. Sometimes we give directions without being clear which leaves your student confused and unclear.


  1. Be a good listener-this helps to maintain a respectful and open line of communication.


  1. Adapt your parenting to fit your child- you can compare this tactic to you when your trying to find the right outfit and there are times that can get extremely frustrating especially when you want to make sure it's the "right" one. Every child is different especially in their development/ intake on how information is delivered For example my son is very sensitive so I know when I have a problem or I need to redirect him I have to approach him in a very soft tone and mild manner. If I come across loud, aggressive or  he sees that I am upset it's over with. My son just like most kids aims to please and doesn't like when I'm upset with him. In most cases the child/student becomes upset, you the teacher/ parent is flustered and there goes the moment of teaching! Now my 1 year old she's going to be the complete opposite (I think she's going to be my problem child lol). This is why it's very important to have your parenting/teaching to fit that specific child.


  1. Foster your child's independence-our main goal is to help children be successful and confident in life. We are raising/teaching queens and kings to be successful wholesome citizens in this world we live in. Encourage their independence!



  1. I do, WE do, YOU do-I live by this even with teaching. We are their role models, children look up to us. It's always important to model what you want them to do so they can understand and execute on their very own.


Guest Blogger: 

Ashley Hawthorne, M.Ed.



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