Tips and Tricks on how to save tons of money by hosting clothing swap parties for your growing little ones!

We know all too well about how fast our kiddies grow and the frustration that arise when the kids barely get a third to fourth wear out of a pair of shoes or clothes it seems like you just purchased yesterday. Or the one friend or family member who always seems to find all the really cool kid clothes and shoes you never seem to find but because their fashion forward and up on all the latest trends their kids are always super duper fly and cute. Well how cool would it be to host your very own swap party and acquire some of their gently used items? what is a swap party one might ask? well read further... OK so its not rocket science its literally a party put together by you the mommy or daddy generally inviting other mommy's and daddy's who happen to have children a year or even two older than your kid (s) and of course with the hopes they have a kid a year or two younger as well that way you can evenly swap and exchange gently used clothing. A basic guideline on getting started below:
1. Make out a list of people with kids who love saving money
2. Gather all the brands you have that you'll be swapping get them all pretty and take photos to send to friends and family
3. Send out a very basic invitation welcoming all to the swap party
4. Purchase a few light refreshments and soft drinks heck you could even make it potluck style were all about saving right?
5. Put on the swap party of the year

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