Tips and Tricks on Teaching Without Becoming Too Agressive and Flustered!

We've all been in this very dark place of not understanding why your delivery and style of teaching just isn't working rather it be for your infant, toddler, preschooler or school aged child or children. The first thing we as parents have to first target is our child's style of learning there are three styles of learning Auditory learners who are typically good at absorbing information from spoken words, Kinesthetic learners are typically learners who may not be able to focus in so much while sitting steal they prefer to move around during learning and really thrive with the learning through play skill. The third type of learner is the Visual learner these learners typically benefit from seeing whatever information is being delivered rather it be flashcards, color coding material etc. 

 The word typically was used a lot because some learners have various styles of learning it just depends on what's being taught for example: I remember teaching my oldest son Caden his colors at the age of 2 years we (my husband and I) could literally voice the colors show him a flash card and he would recite the color back to me minutes even hours later without any issues. I noticed at the age of 3.5-4 when my husband and I begin to teach him handwriting and reading skills, skills that were a bit more complex and entailed a bit more concentration and cognitive thinking we noticed he was more of a Kinesthetic learner. 

As parents our first goal when teaching should be to make learning fun, engaging and suitable for your child's style of learning. Secondly we (parents) should understand children often have various styles of learning and depending on the complexity of what you (the teacher) is delivering can change the style of learning! so its extremely important to be vigilant and most importantly flexible and patient. Third and final point is to put yourself in your child's shoes for 15 seconds and understand you were once this young ball of being who had no life experience what so ever. Below are a few reminders on some To Do's while teaching your child or children.


1. Identify your child or children learning style

2. Allow the time for lessons to process sometimes it happens overnight not immediately during the lesson

3. Stay committed to your system of teaching new/old information don't be fully committed one week and lay off the next consistency is key

4. Be aware of the learning styles and understand learning styles may alter as the child mature, based on the complexity of information or based on the parent teacher mom vs dad

5. Be flexible, be motivating and be the best parent teacher you can be rather it be book teaching or life skills.





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