Clay Luxury Kids works with a diverse community of some of the greatest brands in the world to help get our trendy apparel, accessories and shoes into the hands of trendy children and parents alike.

If you’re interested in joining us as an authorized Clay Luxury Kids wholesale retailer, the first step is to fill out our quick form below. For your application to be considered, at a minimum you must have a business license issued by your local state/government and a retail store front or online store with minimum monthly net of $10,000 and of course, a passion for the various brands we carry.

Our unique dispatch service, and bespoke stationary bags and gift boxes set us apart and create a delightful unboxing experience for our clients. We offer a dynamic work environment with opportunities for growth and impact in the fashion industry. 

Help us continue our commitment to sustainable and socially conscious practices, and make a career in children's luxury fashion.

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